Doom's Cauldron
Doom’s Cauldron

Breakfast diner chains and superhero flicks are teaming up together to fight evil with the upcoming Fant4stic film forging a a sacred Asgardian alliance partnership with Dennys. hosted all the pictures of the Denny’s Slamt4stic menu (no, Denny’s did not apologize for the pun in the press release.) If you have unlimited free time, take a trip over to Denny’s Fantastic 4’s own website where you can enter a contest to win tickets to the premiere and airfare.

The menu items include:


Invisible Woman Slam



Human Torch Skillet

(That actually makes some sense.)


The Thing Burger

(Ok…I guess.)


The Doctor Doom Lava Cake

(God King Doom of Secret Wars destroyed Denny’s before Battleworld for this very reason!)

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bear witness to the beginning of the Great Breakfest Superhero Movie Battle (of films within recent memory) by focusing in on the IHOP product placement in Man of Steel. Will Superman V. Batman: Dawn of Justice call war upon Fant4stic? Will Marvel Studios strike an alliance with another Breakfast chain and call out out a three way war of films? Watch your back Norms — and get ready for the Infinity War!


    (Second breakfastes anyone?)

    In Nebraska, the main chains are Perkins and Village Inn. (Village Inn has the best pies., Perkins offers a bottomless cup of coffee, perfect for late night study sessions.)

    Hey, where’s Mr. Fantastic’s brain food? Or is he too smart to eat at Denny’s? (A basic rule of chain restaurants: never order any item on the menu where the calories outnumber the cost in cents.)

    Personally, I long for the days when restaurant chains would hand out licensed glassware. Red Barn. Sam’s Restaurant, Arby’s …

  2. Here’s to that brain food NOT ON THE MENU. Not cool Denny’s. On the I09 article someone made reference to the food of Denny’s having as much to do with Fant4stic as Fant4stic has to do with the Lee + Kirby source material, alas, that observation was not my own.

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