Thrillbent have today launched their digital comics store, through which fans can buy collected editions of various Thrillbent comics DRM-free. The company, co-founded by Mark Waid and John Rogers, have made a number of strides forward over the last year or so, and amongst the various comics available will be Insufferable, Aw Yeah Comics, and Pax Arena.


Waid, who has spoken often on his distaste for DRM (a format which means readers essentially ‘rent’ a comic rather than ‘own’ a comic), specifically singles out in the press release that Thrillbent’s store will allow readers to own outright anything they buy:

Digital comics distributors like Comixology and iVerse continue to be great and valuable partners to us, and their cloud-based platforms are a great option for many comics fans. But we hear constantly from readers who prefer to own and collect the comics and files they buy, and we’re happy to oblige.

Moreover, Thrillbent’s ‘flagship’ title Insufferable, by Waid and artist Peter Krause, will be available to purchase on a ‘pay what you will’ system – you can decide whatever price you’re happy to pay for the collected edition, much in the style of Brian K Vaughan/Marcos Martin’s ‘Panel Syndicate’ project.

Waid has also written a blog post I’d recommend you take a look at, in which he details the decision to launch the store, and his reasoning for offering PDFs on top of the free CBZ files the site already offers.


The comics available through the Thrillbent store to begin with include:

Insufferable by Mark Waid, Peter Krause, Nolan Woodard and Troy Peteri

The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood by Christina Blanch, Chris Carr, Chee and Troy Peteri

The Eight Seal by James Tynion IV, Jeremy Rock, Nolan Woodard and Troy Peteri

Moth City by Tim Gibson

Aw Yeah Comics by Art Baltazar and Franco

And the company also tell us that they’ll be collecting together Pax Arena and The Walking Pandas/The Panda Show in both English and French. A full list of comics can be found, obviously, on the Thrillbent website.


  1. Huge congrats to Mark and the Thrillbent team. Hard to think of someone who has done more for innovating in the comics realm, and for putting his money where his mouth is than Mark Waid. I’m off to get some Aw Yeah comics right now.

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