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We’re pretty much up to and beyond speed. 90% of our functions and files have been transferred, but we were understandably a little preoccupied, so posting this morning is a bit light. So far all the problems on our new machine have been from the files and system folders we imported from our OLD computer. Otherwise, it’s pretty darned sweet. Knock wood and all that.


  1. Congrats on the new baby, Heidi. I hope you two live a long and healthy life together, complete with many widgets on your dashboard and icons on your dock. And, on the off chance it becomes necessary, you’ll even be able now to boot into Windows if you felt that suicidal.

  2. Good stuff, Heidi! Hope the new i(ntelinside)Mac works as well for you as they do for the profs and students here where I work. They seem to be really nice machines.

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