“Sci-fi visionaries and Hollywood elite will enjoy music, food, and cocktails while entertainment luminaries enjoy views of downtown San Diego.”
— from PR for this year’s Syfy EW party, which we can’t get into and neither can you. Because, presumably, entertainment luminaries just don’t eat or drink, which is how they stay so photogenic. But they don’t like music, either. They just like staring out at the view.

A TWO HOUR computer freeze-up/software nightmare took up most of our usual posting time last night. But we’re pressing on. So you don’t have to.


  1. It’s a serious paradigm shift when a press invite to a party doesn’t mean an invitation to attend, but rather a spot on the red carpet for celebrity photo opportunities.

    Things like that are reinforcing the notion that CCI is not for me anymore.

  2. paradigm shift“? Heh-heh.

    Doesn’t impact me at all! Never having been a member of the Fourth Estate, I’ve never received a “press invite” to these corporate shindigs… whether to just stand on a “spot on the red carpet”, or maybe even go beyond those velvet ropes.

    I guess I’ll just have to be content with going to a couple of Evanier panels, an artist Spotlight or three, and maybe even some of those Film/Tv p.r. rollouts.

    Stuff like these confirm that CCI is still for me, even after all these years of attending. Being able to hobnob with Hollywood’s Beautiful People or not.

    /6 days to go

  3. ed,

    I agree completely. The highlight of this show for any comic book fan worth their salt isn’t going to be listening to how some blogger did or didn’t get into this or that oh so trendy, hollwood/comic book insider shindig blah, blah, blah. It’s going to be the overstreet/price guide anniversary panel (which I wager will not be covered or mentioned by the majority of comic bloggers).

  4. Heidi, I think this post is is an example of why you might need to rethink the appearance of the “square cropped image” template on the main page.