Graphic Books Best Seller Lists: March 14 is up for the week, and HUMBUG, JESSE MARSH, and WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE can now all add “NY Times bestseller” to their marketing campaigns. WATCHMEN and NARUTO claim their usual spots at the top, however.


  1. I feel all hoity toity, all snooty and holier than thou now. Is this the normal NY Times bestseller feeling? Cheers for the shout out! I’ll never stop being amazed at how Wormwood keeps on chugging along.

  2. David, the NY Times DOES include older titles on the other lists (Alchemist, for example). True, hardcover bestselling titles tend to be new, as there are fewer backlist hardcover titles (compared to backlist paperback titles).

    I’ve started a compiled list of the Graphic Book best sellers on
    Click on the link embedded in my name above to view.

  3. Marvel had a lot of titles last weeek. Wolverine continues on its second week, still ranked high. Most interesting is that Naruto ONLY has five spots, unlike the eight it had the past two weeks. Better data gathering?
    Also note that the hardcover listing for Watchmen includes the Absolute edition, which would probably chart at the bottom of this list, as it had good sales on

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