As previously mentioned, Sunday night, AMC premieres the first episode of their reimagining of The Prisoner. To support this, there’s quite an extensive website up. They are also serializing a PRISONER graphic novel by M. Scott Veach, Mitchell Breitweiser and Hugo Petrus. The story is a prequel, exploring the background of the Village. Be forewarned, as Comics Alliance reveals, it’s actually a MOTION COMIC, but instead of taking existing art and awkwardly attempting to move it around, Terry Gilliam style, it was planned that way and stays in a flat-plane animation style. Palatable.


The new series debuts on AMC Sunday night at 9 pm. It stars Jim Caviezel as Number 6 and Ian McKellen as Number 2. While we’re neutral on the need of this remake, we’ve got our DVRs set.


On the PLUS side, you can watch all the ORIGINAL Prisoner episodes on the AMC website, and the site for the original series is top notch. We just can’t get enough of these production photos! More in the jump.




  1. I noticed that the remake is also using the original episode titles for their episodes such as “Arrival” and “Harmony”.

    Is it so difficult to come up with some original episode titles such as “Lo There Shall Cometh a Rover After Your Ass” or ” Do You Have to Do a No 2″ ?

    There, was that so hard?