THE DARK KNIGHT and WATCHMEN are the hottest thing going this week.

It looks like THE DARK KNIGHT is on track to have the biggest opening weekend of ALLLLLLLLL TIME:

SUNDAY AM: Warner Bros is reporting The Dark Knight will finish with a total North American weekend take of $155.3M. Here’s the surprising studio breakdown: $67.8 million Friday, including those record-setting opening day midnight shows; $48 million Saturday (-29%), and projected $39.4 million Sunday (-18%). So if Sunday holds up, that FSS (Fri-Sat-Sun) non-holiday figure will be enough to snag the record from Spider-Man 3’s $151.1 million. But it’ll be close.

In addition, IMDB users have voted it the #1 movie of ALLLLLLLL TIME (beating THE GODFATHER…for now. We predict sanity will prevail eventually.).

PLUS, with all the excitement over the WATCHMEN trailer, the graphic novel has soared to #3 overall on Amazon.
It’s a comic book world…we just live in it.


  1. Is seems that Watchmen has sold out at both Amazon (Usually ships within 1 to 3 weeks) and (Usually available in 1-2 weeks)…

    The Dark Knight Returns is #24, Killing Joke #25 overal at Amazon. On the Graphic Novel list, Watchmen and Batman dominate.

    Over on BN, DNR=75, KJ=52, with Batman Year One Deluxe at #91 and In Odd We Trust (Koontz) at #78!

    Life is good.

  2. @Christopher Moonligh

    Exactly what I was thinking. That much extra attention focused on Watchment can’t be a bad thing. And, of course, there’s the extra bonus that it’s one of best examples of the form. Maybe this will be the case where a movie generates new readership.

    Wonder if retailers have the seen the same increase in interest in Watchmen?

  3. I wonder if anyone’s gonna actually go to comic stores to look for any of these books?

    Amazon and B&N may be sold out but I know my LCS has a ton of Watchman TPB’s on display for just such an occasion.

  4. I was in a comics store today and noticed that they were sold out of Watchmen.

    I also heard two different sets of people discussing the book.

  5. I read Watchmen as a teenager and knew then it was something different. I do not think this is a story that can be told in a Hollywood movie and I will NOT be seeing this movie…I agree with Alan Moore on this one

  6. I have an open mind and look forward to trying new things. I will watch watchmen the day it opens. I think there are many talented film makers that love the material and we will get one right now and again.

  7. The daughter of a friend just asked me today if I had a copy of Watchmen because she can’t find it in a local bookstore. This is a 15/16 YO girl (with no history of reading comics other than Disney stuff) wanting to read it based on seeing the trailer. I think it may be a good thing. :-)

  8. Wow. After all the drubbing DC seems to have gotten lately over its movies (or lack thereof) and comics, this is positively a huge shot in the arm.


  9. Wow. Even the trailer got more people to check out the book. Nice!

    I actually checked my trade and I think it’s an original from 1987, nothing about later printings. I also have a copy of the first issue I picked up on sale like over ten years ago when my old store moved out of the area. Oh and a friend made a custom plastic Rorschach head as a gift and it proudly hangs on my apartment bedroom wall. (Oh the wall is painted the color of Question’s coat and there are some of those comics below it.) Nerd.

    It’s good to hear comic book films getting people to check out books. Then again, even with comic book superheros dominating the box office this summer, one small town local comic shop is having a rough time. Maybe not so much the market as much personal and business issues, not to mention the economy in general, but they have been having a rough summer.

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