Even as we type, the Big Apple Comic-Con has kicked off over in the unknown lands of Pier 92. While a pier on the river on a raw, blustery day sounds like a challenging place to be, based on the pictures now coming over Twitter, people are already lining up for the autographs.

As you can see from the link, the Big Apple is a wonderland for celebrity autographs; co-guests of honor Jim Lee and Joe Quesada provide some comic book content. There’s even a Wax Steven Spielberg, casting calls, and all sorts of other events and to dos, including parties featuring Naughty by Nature (tonight) and Taylor Dayne (tomorrow).

Here’s a story from New Jersey News Room on the show and owner Gareb Shamus..

Variety has more on the recent launch of GeekchicDaily, a joint venture between Shamus, producer Peter Guber and electronic entrepreneur Peter Levin which ahs already raised $1 million in venture capital:

By focusing on all areas, GeekChicDaily’s founders believe they can attract a demo that advertisers are hungry to reach with their marketing messages. The site should especially appeal to Hollywood’s studios and TV networks, who have upped their presence at fan conventions around the country to give first looks at their movies and TV shows in hopes of generating positive word-of-mouth.

“We think (GeekChicDaily) is a wanted commodity for an underserved constituency,” Levin said. “We want to give them stuff they would love to read but don’t want to spend the time searching for.”

The focused newsletter concept has been successful for DailyCandy, which has signed 3 million subscribers since it launched in 2000, with brief pieces on shopping, products and dining. Comcast paid $125 million to buy the venture in 2008.

Here’s some more pictures from the floor. Love the hobbit in #2!




  1. Torsten, we’re talking about a magazine whose copywriters are so devoid of actual contact with member of the opposite sex, they will just throw the word “Boobs!” at the end of a subheadline.

  2. Alexa… I know. I just thought that maybe the partnership would have tempered the “whip it out Wizard” mentality… or at least kept it at bay for a few months. But less than two weeks after launch?