1906 Gibwrite
We’re over our little bug, but now exhausted from catching up on everything we missed while we had a little bug. Tomorrow we head out to Ultima Thule for a few days for some much needed R&R, but will be posting some stuff along the way.

A couple of notes:

• If you have sent me a link to a .pdf file for a review in PUBLISHERS WEEKLY lately, please resend the links. I’m hopelessly behind in the email department and don’t want such things to fall between the cracks. (Not you, Paul, I did get your reminder!)

• I have really been very very bad about responding to all the links, helpful emails and general notes of encouragement I have been getting. I used to correspond with a “celebrity” who would often answer my emails months after I sent them. I thought this was wack at the time, but now I see how it can happen. Anyway, I’m not going to mess with the past but will try to endeavor to keep up a little better.

• Please keep with the links, helpful emails and general notes of encouragement! I need all the help I can get around here.

(Above illo by the peerless Charles Dana Gibson.)