Some links and news from APE, the Alternative Press Expo, held this weekend in San Francisco.

Will Dinski’s COVERED IN CONFUSION won the Isotope Award for Minicomics, as reported by JK Parkin at Robot 6.

§ Parkin also has a Day 1 report.


§ Fantagraphics photos: Day 1 pics
Day 2 pics

§ NPC Comics
Community 3D

Ben and I awoke on Saturday, trudged down to a coffee shop and made our way towards APE. And what did we think? It was awesome. If San Diego Comic Con is meant to blow your mind with all the million-dollar bells and whistles, and Long Beach Comic Con is designed for the more intimate encounters with industry professionals, then APE is a secret fort where only fans congregate to go over their own good ideas and opinions on art, writing and everything mainstream. Sure, people are there trying to sell their product, but at APE you can talk to them and find out why… Writers grill each other on the presentation of information and misinformation, Artists trade work with each other and discuss their inspirations, while Publishers peruse through the aisles, taking it all in and maybe picking up some new talent… It’s very neat — like the Swap Meet of Comic Cons.

More photos from Scott Beale
Katy Wu
Jose Gabriel Angeles
Grim Wilkins
Alex Sheikman
Ian Nitta

Looks like it was another lively, artistic, successful weekend!


  1. I was at APE (I had a wider view than just this booth/exhibitor) and sure enough it was full of the beautiful people. Those carefree types full of youth, life and interesting fashion. The women were nice on the eyes, too.

  2. And the weather was better, too!

    (Hmm…. how would BAC and NYCC fare should the Oct. weather there be as inclement as it was this year? That Sun drop-off in attendance for BAC could be a sign.)