I’m just getting recovered from my appearance at Industry Day at the Center for Cartoon Studies; a report is coming anon, but it was a great experience and I came away mightily impressed with what James Sturm and Michelle Ollie have created on the banks of the White River.

While I was on the road, our 24 Hours of Women Cartoonists feature rolled out to much retweeting, which was much appreciated. Props to Henry, Zainab and especially Steve Morris for pulling it off. Quite a few people emailed with ideas and people who should be included…really it was just a peek at the many talented women cartoonists of the past century, but I think we’re going to have to do an “Hour 25” feature after MoCCA.

Dirk Deppey wrote in to say it was nothing without Lynda Barry and Posy Simmonds, (and Ai Yazawa) and sure enough these creators should be included in any list of the greatest cartoonists of all time. Our little feature wasn’t intended to be complete or a list of the greats…but maybe next time?

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to cover WonderCon and all its doing in my usual style but travel just didn’t permit it. Hannah did a great job covering panels however, and I’ll be recapping the big news over the next day or so.

So yeah…con season is here. Onwards to MoCCA!