If you purchase a pair of slim black trousers from the Gap, you will look JUST LIKE AUDREY HEPBURN!

This week’s VENTURE BROTHERS episode, written by Ben “The Tick” Edlund, was one of the most disturbing 30 minutes of animation we have ever seen. Reanimated corpses, naked Brock “riding” a dolphin, a “saw your own clones” coma, a tea party of puke, and the most utterly creepy Scooby Doo take off ever, which reimagined the gang as Ted Bundy, Patty Hearst, Valerie Solanas and the Son of Sam. Yiee! Much more analysis at the always indispensable blog of Todd Alcott.

We have really warmed up to METALOCALYPSE, as well. It was “Fan Day” and the band opened their home to their fans, with horrifying results. The Adult Swim standard of blood coming out of some orifice was met when Nathan Explosion puked up blood. There was also a nice treatment of ambivalence towards one’s fan base which in this case involved machine gun fire.

ROBOT CHICKEN had a Roddy Piper guest appearance, so that made us happy.

We also learned that installing a Tiger update would somehow slingshot our computer back in time to September 25th, 2006, causing us to lose many many posts and links that we had laboriously been saving for future revelation. And they are all gone now, because once we hit that “Blog this” applet, it all goes clear out of our minds. Oh well.