These Savage Shores #1-3 is getting another print run with special collector’s set covers created by Tim Daniel, VP of Branding & Design for the publisher. The main characters of the series are featured in silhouette with the incredible ink design from within the books outlining them.
The series is written by Ram V, drawn by Sumit Kumar, colored by Vitorio Astone, and lettered by Aditya Bidikar. As one of the most critically-acclaimed comics of last year, the book’s popularity continues to grow, prompting the company to reissue the first three parts as the conclusion of the story draws near.
Daniel explained, “Vault’s CEO & Publisher, Damian Wassel, wanted to pursue a series of interlocking covers. The design goal was to emphasize the incredible characters that writer Ram V and artist Sumit Kumar have introduced in These Savage Shores. With a uniform presentation, the result stylistically accounts for Damian’s direction while luring new readers to the story with Bishan, Kori, and Count Grano front and center.”
“At the same time we aimed to reward current readers and collectors of These Savage Shores with a fresh presentation of the material – one that would be worthy of their interest,” Daniel continued. “The covers were heavily inspired by Mondo Tees artist Olly Moss, whose stunning series of Star Wars posters are beautifully designed.”
These Savage Shores readers can now purchase the covers as 24 X 36 poster prints in  the Vault StoreThese Savage Shores #1-3 reprints will hit shelves on May 22.