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  1. Yeah, they’re about ten years younger than Shatner and Nimoy were when they first played the roles, but that’s the whole point–to have actors who can play these roles for 20 years or more if need be. It wasn’t just that Shatner and Nimoy were in their 60s the last time they played Kirk and Spock, but that too many people were already making fun of them for being so old when they were in their 50s and playing Kirk and Spock! The TV show IN LIVING COLOR did this around 1989. Such is Hollywood.

  2. Shatner was 35 when the show started. The Captain who runs the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise is about 48. People command destroyers when they’re 35 but that’s a way smaller ship than either Enterprise. Admiral Nimitz was 56 when he was put in charge of the Pacific Fleet in WW2. Mandatory retirement is 62 (or 64 if you polish up the brass quite carefully).

  3. To be fair, I think it’s worth noting that Admiral Nimitz was turned down for a spaceship command assignment shortly before taking on the Pacific Fleet.

  4. Kirk taking command of a ship like the Enterprise at 35 may have been hard to swallow, but you have to remember he was a sci-fi fill-in for the seemingly-too-young-for-his-job JFK. Kirk taking command as a 20-something requires a near-impossible suspension of disbelief, no matter how well he performed on the Kobayashi Maru. Still, I’m looking forward to this.