So, I hear there is a big game today and I don’t mean Liverpool-Chelsea or the Tyne-Wear Derby. Contrary to popular opinion, there are comics nerds who like sports.

Then again, maybe you’re only watching for the commercials. There are a number of nerd-friendly ads tonight, including trailers for movies like ANGELS & DEMONS, ALIENS VS MONSTERS (Did you get your 3D glasses? Hopefully, you can use the ones that came with SUPERMAN BEYOND.), LAND OF THE LOST, RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN and Pixar’s UP. There’s also the GI JOE ad, which is supposed to debut tonight during the game, but it’s not listed on the list of all the ads in Friday’s USA TODAY. I guess we will see if it is shown or not.

There are now sites devoted to analyzing the ads, so you don’t have to wait until the Monday McPaper to read what people thought of the new Budweiser spots.

Posted by Mark Coale


  1. It’s so hard to enjoy the old Batman covers, campy and bold as they are, with that big ol’ “Bob Kane” signature plastered over someone else’s work. Yes, I’m a bitter, bitter man.

    Go team!

  2. I created the character Captain Zap for my selfpublishing imprint “What Comics” on Super Bowl, which fits really nicely with your blog title “There’s a WHAT today?”. Thank you:)
    Besides soccer is the only real football anyway… nah, I’m just a geek:)

  3. The 3D Glasses for Monsters & Aliens are also for tomorrow night’s 3D episode of Chuck — and if you don’t watch Chuck, there’s something wrong with you, IMO.

    The glasses are NOT red/blue ala Superman Beyond and other 3D comics — it’s more of an amber/slightly-purplish-blue. I’ve already tried the Chuck glasses on Superman Beyond and they worked fine, but I don’t know how they compare in effectiveness on SB versus the SB glasses. You didn’t think I was going to tear the glasses out of a $4 comic, did you?

    Also, I don’t know if the Superman Beyond glasses will work on Chuck and Monsters & Aliens. Again, I’m not gonna tear glasses out of a $4 comic. Oh hell no.

    From what I understand, the different colors for the Chuck/Monsters glasses are so that more color comes through so that, strictly speaking you don’t absolutely *have* to wear the glasses to watch the show. The Amber still has Red in it, the purplish-blue, duh, still has blue in it.

    Finally, two things:

    1) This is not a plug, just information on where to get the glasses — the Chuck/Monsters glasses are sponsored by SoBe LifeWater, so look for ’em at your supermarket. They come in sheets of four, with the Monsters illo on the outside (shiny side) and the Chuck ad on the inside (non-shiny side).

    2) NBC is apparently going to show three commercials in this 3D process during the Superbowl — one for Chuck, one for Monsters Vs. Aliens and one for — uh, I forget. Hopefully, they’ll all be shown in the same commercial break.

    — Rob

  4. Why watch a $3 million ad when I can watch them online later? Remember the good ol’ days when an ad was shown once and that was it?
    Also, I remember Super Bowl XIII, the first night game, where Denver lost to Dallas. Chas Addams did a nice cover for TV Guide.
    There’s also a Spire comics biography on Tom Landry…

  5. I have to agree with Seth Meyers on SNL: The Steelers and the Cards were definitely just the opening act for Springsteen. Never seen the E Streeters in concert and now I understand — that friggin’ huge stadium just wasn’t big enough to contain them.

    Also, 3D update: The Monsters Vs. Aliens trailer which lasted for 30 seconds-to-a-minute looked totally awesome in 3D — the full color came through in this process, too. Even if MvA were using this 3D process for the actual movie rather than the polarized lenses that most theatrical DVD movies use, I’d go see it, and I have a funky prescription that makes 3D tricky for me.

    The SoBe commercial was So-So Because it started out in all-white costumes and backgrounds, but picked up toward the end as more Monsters Vs. Aliens stuff came in.

    The commercial for Chuck was a 3D failure, though, because clearly NBC used their own regular Tech Monkeys to put the trailer together. There were *waaay* too many cuts in the commercial for anything but the logo to look 3D. Which is a shame because there was one particularly lovely shot of Yvonne Strahotski (misspelling intentional) that should look great in 3D. Can’t blame the show for the failure of NBC’s Tech Monkeys, since no network’s tech monkeys know how to assemble a commercial for any of their shows. So if the 3D on Chuck is even half as good as the 3D in either the Monsters trailer or the live-action SoBe commercial, then it’ll be fine. Although I still do dread seeing any scene in the Buy More due to the over-use of the color green, which should make the 3D really, really wonky no matter what color-filter process is used. (Okay, I’m betting that they’d never have been able to use Red-Green 3D. But still . . .)

    — Rob

  6. My 17-year-old niece at halftime: “Who’s that?”
    Answer: “Bruce Springsteen”
    Niece: “Ah. … He’s kind of annoying.”

    For the record, her music taste is not anti-old, as she thinks that the Beatles and Eddie Cochran are aces, and that American Idol isn’t.

    P.S. Roger Staubach did NOT step out of bounds! Not that it would have changed the final outcome….

  7. The only time I’ll ever tune in to a Super Bowl is if they ever ask Emerson, Lake, & Palmer to do the half time show.

    Fanfare for the Common Man or Mars, the Bringer of War is football appropiate, don’t you think?