If Lucy Knisley puts a comic online, The Beat is going to link to it. That’s how the system works, and how it will ever be.



‘A Light That Never Goes Out’ is an amazing story in its own right, an autobiographical piece with an unexpected ending that’s guaranteed to catch you out.

But even with the real-life story she’s got to work with, she makes sure that there’s enough clever bits of lettering, silly puns, neat fantasy sequences and brilliant artistic structuring that this strip really sticks in the memory. It’s delightful, a right little marvel.

It is, in other words… a Lucy Knisley comic. Go head over there now!


  1. I saw her tweet this and immediately went to it. So touching! Gave it some love on the podcast this week too. Love her work having only become a recent convert with RELISH (one of my fave GNs of the year so far). Did a great interview w/ her at TCAF. Just a smart, talented woman. If you get a chance, and haven’t already, chat w/ her at a show. Just a great, lovely person.

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