Sdcc708Not much going on this week. Still waiting for the new A/C. Truthfully, everyone is in pre-San Diego mode as the entire comics/tv/entertainment industry sees to those last minute details for panels, parties, meetings, deals, contracts, proposals, and God know what all else.

We’re shifting into d/l mode ourselves…PUBLISHERS: PLEASE GET US YOUR SAN DIEGO PLANS THIS WEEK to run next week. We’re leaving on Tuesday this year, and no one reads anything past Monday anyway.


  1. Everyone’s also waiting with bated breath for AFTRA to ratify the new contract today… or set things in motion for an actors’ strike.

  2. I wonder if we’ll start seeing the Con spread out over an entire week. Outside of expanding the actual Convention Center (which probably isn’t going to happen), the only alternative to relieving the chaos a bit (and making more money in the process) would be to extend the convention out into Wednesday, Tuesday, and maybe even Monday for the “Preview Night”.

    Does anyone else think this is a possibility, or have heard if it’s a possibility?

  3. I think that idea was already knocked down a while ago because if they want to schedule events for a week, they’d actually have to book the convention center for two weeks. Events at the center need to be book-ended by a couple of days for set-up and tear-down.

  4. *Just to clarify: It couldn’t merely be 7 days plus the three or four extra because everyone wants to have their event on a weekend, so it would work out to two weeks in order to fit into the center’s schedule.

    Anyhoo, if I was the organizers, I’d wait to see what effect the economic slowdown and increased cost of travel has on the con next year before I’d go booking an extra week.

  5. I don’t know too many exhibitors who’d think it’d be worth staying in ‘Deigo for longer than they do already.

    I don’t think an actor’s strike would do much to change attendance this year. If anything it’d crowd the exhibitor’s room.

  6. The thing I hate the most over my 17 years going to SDCC is that I get there and I find myself repeating this “I wish I’d known ahead of time.” One would hope in todays internet world it wouldn’ t happen. Oh well.

    See you all there!!

  7. i wish comicon would move to the anaheim convention center.

    its a bigger convention center and the area is ergonomically designed better for large crowds. although it shares the area of anahiem that disneyland is located in the area has more then enough hotels to supply con and d-land tourists at the same time.