Continuing Torsten Adair’s compilation of the most popular — as measured by comments — posts on The Beat the Beat Last last year:

PW Beat Top Ten April 2009
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48 dc-month-to-month-sales-febroary-2009/

47 all-the-old-jose-luis-garcia-lopez-you-could-want/


42 /marvel-month-to-month-sales-february-2009/

42 huntress-soars-up-the-chartshuh/ — Remember Ivory Madison?

39 todays-comedy-image/ – one of many posts that related DC Comics and female breasts over the course of the year.

36 lost-the-life-and-times-of-judged-ben-linus/

34 eisner-award-nominees/

31 len-wein-housefire/