I’d like to think this is a joke….and while I don’t like spotlighting trolls, they may be the most appalling and yet hilarious comment on a comics related topic I’ve read in a while. It comes in Deadline’s report on the WB win in the Superman case yesterday, and this poster has it all figured out. I’ve actually edited the comment a bit to get to the punchline faster, but nothing that changes the meaning.

For the sake of justice I’m happy with this decision. These people contributed nothing to Superman so they are in fact owed nothing. The agreement between at the time with then National Periodical Publications and the creators of Superman was done with respect to the existing laws. It was never thought of in that time that something like Superman would entertain generations of fans and still be around almost 100 years later. [snip more of the reasoning for this.]

That being said I hate and despise what the current establishment at DC Comics is doing with the properties owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. I can only hope with the lousy job this current president is doing defending this country (and everything else he has anything to do with) there will be a resurgence of Al_Queda and they’ll fly a plane into the offices of DC Comics. Perhaps the next regime will have more care for the characters, the product they produce and the fans/readers.

Dan DiDio, do you hear that? Al Qaeda is coming! You better bring back Wally West or there’ll be trouble.


  1. @VichusSmith Oh he actually does according to when they used to be the Reel Deal, a public access show in Austin, TX. they went on after Jones’ Infowars and chatted with him from time to time. They say he loves Star Wars too.

  2. A little Google-Fu found his Youtube account, or at least a guy with the same user name who also complains about Obama, Gays and Superman. Reading through some of his comments makes one think he’s, well… my grandma used to say, “touched.”

  3. There should be a world wide ban on re-posting hate like this. It engenders more bad behavior and says nothing new about how insane and stupid people can get. Great, now I know there is a guy out there who wants DC Comics destroyed like 9/11. Now what? This data does nothing to help move, energize, and change anything for the better. It sits there like a lump of cancer.

  4. Bloodhound Gang’s “I hope you die” springs to mind. Not 9-11, but I’m sure he would be just as happy if that narrative occurred instead.

    If you don’t find that post hilarious, then you shouldn’t listen to the song either.

    Silly but true.

  5. Yeah, Obama sucks at defending America. That’s why there has been so many terrorist attacks on American soil since he took office. Oh wait…

  6. Ironically, if you listen to some of Jones’ stuff you quickly find out he’s against corrupt big banks, corporations, and politicians and that most of the posters here would likely agree with him on the lion’s share of his output (with the possible exception of 9/11).

  7. Why the outrage? Silly comment, but it’s on the same level as saying “This comic is so bad Dan Didio should get leprosy and have his dick fall off.”

  8. OMG!!!!! Um, I’m a Republican and I’m, uh, just totally…words just fail.
    The level of wrongness exists far beyond that of mortal men. And it started out so, normal…

  9. Uhmmm, no I highly doubt I would waste my time listening to Alex Jones’ unhinged commentary anytime soon. Trying to parse any intelligent thought from generic rants about “big banks, corporations, and politicians” ignores the fact that he never has any constructive solutions about the very same topics.

  10. You know… it’s just so absurd that I can’t help but find some humor in it. It’s twisted and sick… but there is a demented germ of insanity in it that almost makes me chuckle. I’m not defending it at all, but strictly as an example of hyperbole… it’s, well, something else.

  11. With the exception of the 9-11 mention , which is likely hyperbole, the post reads like a typical comment I’ve seen on the topic. Short version: “I love my Superman and no one better stand between me and my Superman.”

  12. As someone who was in NYC on 9-11, may I say that there is absolutely nothing hilarious about that at all. Whoever wrote that should be ashamed of himself or herself or itself, and sadly, I’m sure he’s/she’s/it’s not.

    Lance Roger Axt
    The AudioComics Company

  13. “..I can only hope …there will be a resurgence of Al_Queda and they’ll fly a plane into the offices of DC Comics. …next regime will have more care for the characters..”
    This guy is uninformed — what he suggest won’t improve DC comics — will just trigger another Fed credit expansion.

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