0124 Gary Coleman Mug Ex
The Diff’rent Strokes Curse strikes again.

angelina loves brad 1
Brangelina, please….don’t let the magic die!

0503 Brad Jolie Dinner Wenn
We need you!


Isn’t one broken heart enough?


  1. Ah, yes… the “curse”… does it include Janet Jackson?

    I was hoping for a Jets-Saints match-up, so that someone would recall the historic 1980 Aints-Ets game of 1980. 0-14 Saints visit NY at Shea, beating the Jets 21-20. The Jets finish 4-12, the Saints 1-15.

    Broken heart? The Jets have been to (and won) the Super Bowl. What about those teams who have never been, like the Detroit Lions?

  2. Soooo glad to see the Jets go down! NYC sports fans are the absolute worst! All they do is whine and complain and whenever they win something, they forget about it the next day.

    Pittsburgh and Detroit have the best sports fans. The octopus throwers are my favorite, but the people who ran around with Stanley Cups during the WTO protests in Pittsburgh were by far the most happy sports fans ever.

  3. The fans in [insert home town/city/state] are the best! Those fans in [insert non-home town/city/state] are the worst!

    BTW, isn’t the Jets’ home in New Jersey?