The Unstoppable Wasp returns as ongoing series in October, written by Jeremy Whitley and drawn by Gurihiru.

This time out, Nadia will be teaming up with the Agents of G.I.R.L. and Janet Van Dyne to get to the bottom of a possible connection between the reformed A.I.M. and Hank Pym.

Says Whitely:

Our goal with the adventures Nadia has are, as in the first volume, to combine the young and vibrant part of the current Marvel Universe with the heritage and fun of the Marvel Universe that she inherits from her family tree. Between Janet, Hank, Scott, Cassie, and Jarvis, Nadia has a ton of Avengers history around her. Also, Mockingbird’s sticking around as a mentor in the lab, so count on some killer chemistry and things getting hit with sticks!

I think we’ll have some surprising returns from the first volume, as we not only deal with some of Nadia’s history in the Red Room, but with the revitalization of A.I.M. under a familiar face that Nadia last saw inside of a giant robot. Beyond that, we want to bring in some family classics and some new blood as well. Nothing is quite as much fun as making new villains to plague the Marvel Universe.

And some of Gurihiru’s art:



  1. It is cute, no doubt about it. But this is marvel, I’m not going to get emotionally involved in Nadia just to have her thrown to the wolves for a plot point later on. I keep expecting Carol Danvers to grab her and the rest of the girls and give them to SHIELD to experiment on, or for Tony Stark to make some sort of move on her like he’s apparently going to do with Jan. 3.99 to 4.99 is just too much money to take that risk.

  2. I haven’t read the original series yet. I like what I’ve read of Nadia in Avengers, and most of all, I love that we have a female scientist who can be at the same level as Tony, Bruce, T’Challa and both Hanks. It’s refreshing, with both her and Lunella, another character whose book I haven’t read. Man, I’ve got some trades to get caught up on.

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