We’re in another one of those horrible time crunch periods so we’re just skimming the highlights. And it’s horrible in general. Gerber, Stevens, now Rory Root. People taken too soon. People who were our contemporaries. People who need help, like Gene Colan and Dave Pirkola. Tom Spurgeon has a sobering post about the need for planning:

I’m slightly terrified that this is only going to get worse in the years ahead. I’d say about half of the creators that have been hit right now tend to be those who worked when there was more of a functioning industry than I think there’s been over the last 25 years. If a creator getting a steady page rate for years from a top company has these problems, there will likely be more folks in the next three decades experiencing severe problems that worked within the context of an industry that barely supported their efforts. Comics people don’t give up even when it’s good for them to do so. Many don’t take care of themselves. A few don’t take care of themselves at the expense of pursuing their love of the medium or the goals they have for their art.

It’s not always nice to think about, but a lot of us are in that boat. So…some days of light posting.