One of the more thrilling articles I read recently came from Vulture, where the outlet broke down the credit placement of the all-star cast of next week’s (!!!) Avengers: Infinity War…some notable examples include Chris Hemsworth now outflanking Chris Evans, Scarlet Johansson consistently in the fifth spot, and a big swath of “withs” along with a special “and” credit for Chris Pratt. I guess we could argue at this point that Robert Downey Jr and Pratt are the two biggest stars of the film, so they get to flank the credits on both ends.

But all of this brought to mind the fact that we still have no idea what role Peter Dinklage is playing. Sure, I’ve heard some guesses, but there’s been no sign of him in any trailer as of yet…admittedly, these trailers have been great in that they’re basically recycling a lot of the same footage to maintain the film’s secrets, so there could be a surprise right around the corner…but one really good guess might be that he’s playing one of the Black Order, who in the MCU are also known reportedly as the “Children of Thanos”, that will be making their debut in the film.

Hailing from the Infinity event of a few years back, The Black Order is a  Jonathan Hickman, Jerome Opena, and Jim Cheung designed team with glorious names like Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw and Black Dwarf (who has been re-named Cull Obsidian for the film, which was originally the other name for the team). They were no family ties (adopted or otherwise) to Thanos in the comics, to my memory, but here this probably simplifies things and gives them a clear connection to Gamora and Nebula – who both appear in the film.

And now we know who are playing at least three of them, thanks to a recent reveal by the Russo Brothers:

Carrie Coon, one of my favorite actresses currently working from shows like Fargo and The Leftovers is Proxima Midnight, who in the comics is the wife of Corvus Glaive and an expert combatant.

Tom Vaughan-Lawler will voice Ebony Maw, that fellow in the trailer that was giving Doctor Strange some pretty serious trouble.

And Terry Notary, who played a key role in my favorite film of 2017, The Square, is Cull Obsidian. The Russos made note that this will be a mostly silent role, but one where Notary made use of his motion capture talents (as seen when he played Rocket in the recent Planet of the Apes films).

But…Corvus Glaive, Thanos’ key general remains a mystery. Could it be Dinklage? That might be where I put my money now.


  1. It’ll be very exciting to see the Russos to direct the Avengers proper. Wonder what that means for focuses on characters and slight changes in interpretation to characters. Haven’t seen the Russos’ Thor or Hulk yet, but it’d be foolish to not try to coordinate with work done in Ragnarok. One of favourite character creating scenes/details from Winter Soldier was Cap telling Natasha to take her feet off the dash. Hope there’s time for similar in IW.

    Regardless of credit listing, have to agree with your comment from previous post Kyle, that the MCU will miss Evans most of all if various characters are said goodbye to. Still love Cap grappling personally with Thanos, and Thanos’ general voiceover about ‘learning to serve’.

    T minus 8 days

  2. It’s not Dinklage. There were already set photos showing him in costume for his part, so it definitely isn’t a voice-only role. Plus, it was already reported that his role required him to dye his hair red… Most likely, The Dink will be playing a character who helps Thor on his mission to make a new weapon.

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