Barack Obama Names Alan Moore Official White House Biographer

“As evidenced by his epic run on Swamp Thing #21–64, Moore’s deft hand with both sociopolitical commentary and metaphysical violence makes him an ideal choice to chronicle my time in office,”


  1. It is actually my firm and absolute belief that all White biographers should be foreign born citizens. It’s called checks and balances people.

  2. Also, it’s the biographer, not the subject of the biography, who shops the book. Were this the real deal, it would go to auction, with many publishing houses bidding.

    Of course, given that that the current president is a published author, it’s more likely that Obama would write the book himself, just like almost every other president of the past forty years.

    That’s not to say that someone could write a detailed biography of the Obama administration, or even publish a periodical comic book which slowly covers everything in real time.

  3. Nice story but either it’s complete rubbish or Obama has no idea who Moore is and what his political beliefs are. Would make a great read though. Grumpy, white, British Anarchist bio’s America’s great black hope.

  4. It must be true— didn’t Rush Limbaugh break this news from Matt Drudge? Thought I read it on breibart….