Last year, comic creator Brian Michael Bendis found a new home for his Jinxworld line of comics at Dark Horse. The move saw reissues of previous Jinxworld titles, including Powers as well as the release of an all-new title, Joy Operations. Today happens to be Bendis’ birthday, so fittingly IGN has revealed details about The Ones, his all-new superhero comedy with artist Jacob Edgar.

The Ones JinxworldWith the multiverse in the pop culture zeitgeist, The Ones is “a story about every hero who was ever told they were ‘the one’ of their particular story – a singular warrior destined to save everything from destruction. It turns out the multiverse only has one, true version of The One, and these various would-be saviors are forced to band together to stop them.”

The creative team also includes colorist J.K. Diaz and letterer Joshua Reed. The first issue features variant covers from Yanick Paquette and Dan Hipp.

In the press release, Bendis praise his fellow creators and is ecstatic for readers to check out the new series:

“Jacob is an amazing artist and creating this brand-new, fun-as-hell world with him has been one of the greatest delights. Wilson and the rest of The Ones are among my absolute favorite creations I’ve ever been a part of and I can’t wait to introduce you to all of them.”

Edgar echoed the same sentiments:

“I’m beyond thrilled and still geeking out to be teaming with Brian on this project and bringing all these amazing, crazy characters to life. I’ve always felt like comedy in comics is tough to do, but I genuinely laugh out loud reading these scripts as they come in. So, I’m excited for the comics world to get to experience what I’ve been enjoying. Beyond the comedy, we’ve got plenty of action coming your way as well, this book is a blast to work on.”

Look for The Ones #1 to arrive in comic shops and on digital on Wednesday November 2, 2022.