This November, Dark Horse Comics will release The Ones #1, the first issue of a new Jinxworld miniseries from writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist Jacob Edgar, colorist K.J. Díaz, and letterer Joshua Reed. Ahead of the first issue’s release, The Beat is pleased to present a first look at the covers and solicitation text for December’s The Ones #2.

The Ones
The Ones #1 Cover

Here’s how Dark Horse describes The Ones #2:

The Ones have been gathered just like the prophecy foretold, but they didn’t stop the apocalypse from happening, even a little. Oh my god, all that happened in issue one of these oversized issues of this brand-new supergroup!? So what now? Good question! And for the cost of a measly cover price this brand-new creator-owned extravaganza will not only show you who is behind the apocalypse, but how the prophecies of the whole entire reality came to be! Find out why the ones are the ones to stop the one. All this with page after page of blisteringly awesome Jacob Edgar comics art.

From the writer who completely ruined Superman forever and ever and destroyed Marvel comics comes an amazing new gathering of the kind of heroes we need right now. Well, not right now, but by the time this book comes out it’ll be right THEN.

The Ones is Bendis’s second all-new Jinxworld series at Dark Horse, after Joy Operations with artist Stephen Byrne. The imprint has also released a continuation of the already-ongoing Jinxworld series Pearl with artist Michael Gaydos, with other titles set to return as well.

Check out the covers to The Ones #2 – the main cover by Edgar, and a variant cover by Dead Dog’s Bite writer/artist Tyler Boss – below. The second issue of the four-issue series is set to arrive in stores and digitally in December.