It’s up. Not too easy to find content, but at least we’re in this century.


  1. What is the difference between this and

    Is this a seperate company? Is this the cmopany that bought many years ago?

    Just wonderin’


  2. Wow. That’s really ugly.

    How come there’s no info for Chicago? I would really like to go, and make my travel plans now so I dont need to pay so much later, but there’s no infromation. Like, whos the guest of honor, artists alley, ect.

    Get it togehter Wizard!

  3. I hope they read these comments. That yellow background is just ugly and I hate WizardTV! How are people supposed to look at this at work if WizardTV pops up automatically?


  4. So the first thing I see at is some Baywatch’s Brande Roderick, sorry, Baywatch: Hawaii’s Brande Roderick doing an automatically starting video greeting?

    Yup, I am done with