Here it is, the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that debuted tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Sound off, what do you think? I’m glad they showcased more of the overriding conflict and I absolutely love Lex Luthor, which may be an island I’m standing alone on. There’s just something about eccentric/psychotic billionaire Lex that just clicks with me. Lots more destruction on display though, but it’s less gray this time, so that’s a plus right?

Looking forward to March, so we can finally put this one to rest and see where it goes from here.


  1. I’m totally on that Jesse Eisebberg-as-Lex island with you! I wish he looked like Lex, but he’s such a great actor, and that’s what makes movie characters memorable.

  2. If by the end of the film Lex is bald, I’m totally OK with this casting. Doing Luthor without hair loss, is like doing Superman without flights, fights and tights.

  3. Supes and Bats look like shit. But Wonder Woman and Lex are promising. At this point ANYTHING good about this version is a surprise so I’ll take it.

  4. Did they really need to spoil everything about Doomsday being in this? Dead Zod, then Doomsday! Coinkydink! Christ on a krampus just show Lex in the lab coat looking down at something. Cut away, have a roar, worried Bats and Sups.. Boom, fucking intrigue! Its amateur hour over in the WB marketing department.

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