SM-Phatom-Zone-tpbWhen DC relaunched a year and a half ago, it was “The New 52” and it was emphasized that there were going to be 52 new titles for you to read.  DC’s had “52” on the brain for several years now.  The 52 weekly series culminating in 52 new worlds.  (Are there still 52 worlds post-Flashpoint?)  When they’d cancel “New 52” titles, they’d replace them in “waves” and bring the number back up to 52.  No more.

With the June 2013 solicitations online, you’ll only find 50 titles.  Barring late additions, there is no more “52.”  Then again, after 18 months, it might not be so “new,” either.  Will it get back up to 52 titles in July?  Wait and see.

If it does get back up to 52, the cynical response will be “cancelling them faster than you could get replacements ready.”

Interestingly,there aren’t any DCU mini-series, either.  Just the 50 titles.

Of interest: drawing the line at $2.99 also looks to have taken a hit, if those solicits are accurate.

Superman Unchained #1 is $4.99 for 32 pages.  Looks like there’s a poster in the book that may be the reason for the price bump.  For $2, that better be an awfully nice poster.

Batman/Superman #1 is $3.99 for 32 pages with no explanation for the price bump.

New trend or typo?  No official comment from DC on the pricing.

Highlights from the solicts.

  • There will FINALLY be a tpb of Stever Gerber’s Phantom Zone.  I wrote about that series last year, so here’s what it’s about.
  • As Larfleeze graduates to his own title (raising the question of why he was in Threshold in the first place), Star Hawkins replaces him as Threshold back-up.
  • Phantom Stranger is now Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger, joining Trinity of Sin: Pandora.  Wondering where Trinity of Sin: _________ (likely, The Question) is?  Let’s see if a third Trinity of Sin title launches in July.  With Dan DiDio off Phantom Stranger, perhaps he’ll be launching the new Sin in the Trinity?
  • Batwoman #21 has art by Francisco Francavilla.  If you’re doing an artist-centric title, he’s an awfully good choice for an arc.
  • Crossover Alert: Only one crossover this month – Birds of Prey and Talon.
  • Outside the DCU, Astro City returns after too long an absence.  We also see yet another deluxe format of Sandman, this time an Omnibus




  1. I kept wondering how long any monthly product could be considered officially “new”.

    Next up – the New, Improved 52!

  2. The Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans were “New” for 16 years, half as the New Teen Titans and half as the New Titans.

    Also, if DC is back up to 52 in July, it’s no more a bump than last September, where they kept a few canceled series going for that last #0 issue and ended up with something like 55 titles for one month.

  3. Man, I was only buying Batwoman for J.H. William’s art, and was sort of happy to be dropping the book and cutting my comics budget now that he’s off art duty. But if Francisco Francavilla is going to be on it, it’s probably back on my list!

  4. Two non-$2.99 books is a hit? Seriously? DC has a few non-$2.99 books. Some are being canceled, so it’s not like these 2 are a great addition. I’d say about 80% of their line is $2.99 if not more. And it’s always been known upfront from the beginning – since before the reboot – that some titles would be more. Instead of picking on DC for more or less keeping their word, how about spending time on how Marvel is fleecing readers with $3.99 books and double shipping?

  5. Now would be a great time to be a small boutique publisher. Over saturation by the Big 2 has created a glut in the marketplace where quality is poor, innovation is stagnant and storytelling is held hostage by big event narratives. A publisher should target 6-10 titles and concentrate on how to deliver them to the public both offline and online. Small and agile should be heralded as the next model of comic book publishing. DC’s 52 concept was always going to be unsustainable.

  6. @CBrown: Yeah, my feelings on Batwoman are much the same. But I look at it this way: JH Williams is a better artist than FF, and if JH could no longer keep me interested in the title, then it’s not worth sticking around for at this point, putting up with rotating artists. Maybe I’ll pick up the trade or something on discount, but I’m not suffering through with the uncertain quality on a monthly basis anymore.

    @Mikael: I know, right? DC has a few price-increase blips and it gets a whole article. If Marvel got the same treatment, there would have been articles about their price increases and double-shipping gouges every month for the past two years.

  7. Dan,

    A “whole article”…? Looks more like half a head-line and a few sentences in an article about DC’s June solicits over all.

  8. @ Marvelbunny – I agree.

    I can’t stand Kevin Maguire. Women he draws tend to frequently suffer from ‘pouting inflatable sex-doll’ syndrome. I couldn’t stand it, and dropped the title just a few issues in.

  9. Keep the DC bashing coming, with another “article”. Perhaps you should ask someone at DC to confirm if the New 52 brand is over, instead of assuming it is. That would make a more interesting read.

  10. @Mak – Guess what? I did ask and there was no official response. What makes you think there would be one?

  11. @todd: was there an “unofficial response”? what are your contacts saying ‘on background’ or ‘off the record’?

  12. I heard that Batman And Robin will be retitled Batman And..(insert name of guest star here) indicating a return to a Brave and the Bold format. Any truth to this rumor?



  13. @Cary – It sounds like it’s going to be “Batman and…” for a few months. On the other hand, they may very well be prepping a new Robin/sidekick and don’t want to tip their hand just yet, so it could be back to Batman and Robin faster than they’re letting on. I suppose a Brave and Bold format change is possible, but that’s not what’s been presented. A team-up book sure isn’t out of the question, but I’d think would more likely be an additional book.

  14. Loved the previous Batman/Superman series so was exicited to hear about a new52 version, but my :yay:ness has been rather dampened by its $3.99 price tag. $2.99 “yes please”, $3.99 “are you serious?!”

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