As part of the festivities leading up to this weekend’s Toronto Comics Arts Festival, the Toronto National Post is running a HUGE series of charming interviews with cartoonists who are attending, with questions involving pen nibs, Rubik’s Cubes, aliens, and other stuff you don’t usually read about on the regular news sites . It’s too much for one sitting but dipping in here and there presents a pretty good cross section of what cartoonists are reading and thinking about — and they mostly come across as so affable, it’s kind of scary:
Mariko Tamaki
Antoine Dodé
Arthur Dela Cruz
Sparkplug’s Shannon O’Leary
Brian Evinou
Tom Neely
Joey Comeau and Emily Horne
Cecil Castellucci
Eric Kim
Florrent Ruppert
Jason Kieffer
Scott Campbell
Tara McPherson
Ryan North
Michael Cho
Graham Annable
John Malloy
Tim Fish
Tom Humberstone
Steve MacIsaac
Paul Rivoche
Willow Dawson
Erika Moen (above)
J. Torres
Jose Villarrubia
Troy Little
Jeff Lemire