When the last episode on Doctor Who aired a few weeks ago, companions Amy and Rory left the Doctor (and the show)… but nobody bothered to explain to Rory’s father, a re-occurring character, where they’d gone to.  It turns out that scene was written, but not filmed.  The BBC has released the animated storyboards for the missing scene, complete with a voice over from Arthur Darvill, who plays Rory.  DVD extras on YouTube?  Sure enough.


  1. I so wish they had filmed this and included it. It’s little moments like this that humanize Doctor Who and make it so relatable even in the face of cosmic weirdness. It’s like the little scene at the end of the Dinosaurs episode were Rory’s dad sits there with his feet dangling out the Tardis looking at the world and the cosmos. It just grounded the whole episode. I think this bit would have done much the same. I found myself a little disappointed in the Manhattan ep. This bit might have helped.

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