Yikes, we have about 500 New York Comic-con related links, and press releases, so we’re just going to get through it. We’ll be at the ICv2 Graphic Novel conference most of the day tomorrow, and at the show from then on, so it will be mostly live blogging and so on.

While we’re assured that last year’s Soylent Green like riots won’t be repeated, it has been a rocky run up to the show for many, at least behind the scenes. We’ve received several emails today alone from folks stating they can’t find the programming on the NYCC site. It is hidden a bit, but it’s there.

Unfortunately the run up to this show has left us with a lingering case of consumption, compounded by the Black Plague. Luckily the Dengue Fever cleared right up. So if we’re not our usual sparkling selves…well, we apologize in advance.

BTW, am I the only person to CAN’T STAND the redesign of the IMDb? When you need a Name and Title Page Redesign FAQ to answer all the questions about why things are centered instead of flush left and you get this kind of bafflegab:

Overall, the center section content has been indented to achieve greater visual impact when scrolling down the page, and the Cast Overview treatment is consistent with that goal.

you know no good is afoot. We never had any problem getting the VISUAL IMPACT of your pages before, pally! We just want to know who played the hot solider on the submarine in Goldfinger.