In the halcyon days of the 1980s and 90s, it was common to find rows and rows of back-issue bins at local comic book stores. But that is becoming more of a rarity as stores devote an ever-increasing amount of floor space to Warhammer, Funko Pops, and action figures. It’s not uncommon now to enter a store with zero bins to dive into.

The Koch Comics Warehouse
Photo courtesy of Michel Fiffe.

The Joseph Koch Comics Warehouse is the antithesis of that idea. It’s a sprawling store in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn, NY. It’s a labyrinthine maze of long boxes, used books, and carded and loose action figures. It’s where collections go to be reborn into the hands of those dedicated comic book collectors patient enough to explore the seemingly endless rows and shelves packed with comics. There are few places left like Koch, but have you truly bin-dived if you’ve never bin-dived at Koch? Unfortunately, if you haven’t, you don’t have long. Those days are numbered. The Koch Comics Warehouse is closing. 

Copra creator Michel Fiffe broke the news on his Patreon. The indie comics artist traveled downstate to get at least one more day of bin diving in Koch’s, bragging about the stack of backstock Legion of Superheroes, The Comics Journal, and Amazing Heroes he walked away with. 

Fiffe spoke with the store’s proprietor and namesake, Joseph Koch, who confirmed the news. According to Koch, the sprawling store’s building will be converted to artist studios. For now, he’s on a month-to-month lease, and the other shoe can drop at any time. 

Billy Henehan shopping at Koch Comics Warehouse
Your author getting lost in all the glorious bins!

If you’ve never been to the Koch Comics Warehouse, it is definitely an experience to take in before the fateful day when they shut their doors for good. It is the only comic book store I ever shopped in that required a tutorial and a tour before beginning my hunt. I’ve been to comic book conventions with less comics than the Koch Comics Warehouse. The store is located at 206 41 St, Brooklyn, NY 11232. Formerly open only on weekends or by appointment, the store is now open daily until they close, according to Fiffe. But still, maybe call ahead to be certain (718) 768-8571. Bring a list. They’ll help you find what you’re looking for, and you’ll probably find even more than you planned on when you walked through the doors.

Be sure to comment below with your haul when you go! 


  1. Titan Distributors was sited in part of Joe’s warehouse in the 80’s and it fell under my remit to visit a couple of times a year from England. Amazing area, amazing place, amazing staff and an even more amazing guy! Thanks for all those years Joe! But at our age now we need some peace and quiet! Stephen Robson, Fanfare/Ponent Mon

  2. I had traveled in from Jersey many times in the eighties. Back then, you could pick from piles of ASM 129, X-Men 10, various Warren mags and so on…and on…and on….

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