Confession: I’ve never seen a Marvel movie, watched a Marvel TV series, or played a Marvel game. This apparently puts me at the far end of popular culture, and actually probably means I’ve been banished from it altogether, but that’s okay with me.

One of the side effects of my lack of interest in those diversions is that I forget that for many people they are as important as if not more important than the actual comics. In fact, I’d guess that the majority of Marvel fans might actually have never read a comic, only seen the screen versions.

So as I’m sifting through the vast output of musicians — both actual ones and folks who are trying awfully hard — performing songs about Spider-Man, I’m finding a sub-set of songs that focus more on the screen manifestations of the character than the comics.

And here are a few that I’ve encountered.

Tub Basco – Except for Spiderman 3
As contained on his album Songs in the Key of Jaws III, one glance at the song titles and you will quickly realize that Spider-Man 3 is an outlier in the mysterious Tub Basco’s obsessions. Jaws III is what fascinates him the most. And he only really sings about Spider-Man 3 in context of Jaws III which is a miraculous feat in and of itself. I suggest listening to the whole album, but only after watching Jaws III. Buy it here or stream it on Spotify.

The Black Lines – Spider-Man 3
This kinda gets straight to the point by proclaiming that Spider-Man 3, the movie, as the one thing that will delay his suicide. He also has some other criteria, though. This is what is meant by dark humor. Buy it here.

Get Set Go – Spider-Man: Far From Home
Simply looking forward to a good Spider-Man movie, that’s all. I assume it all worked out. This is not complicated. Buy it here.


Insane Ian – Amazing Spider-Man 2
Ian takes the Spider-Man cartoon theme and adapts it into a review of Spider-Man 2 — the game, not the movie. It seems like a thoroug enough review to me, and is probably enough info to help you decide whether to buy the thing or not. Plus the song is catchy, an aspect that most reviews don’t feature. Though he does describe Spidey as “a badly animated dork.” That’s just mean. Buy it here or stream it on Spotify.


Bennett Taylor – Spiderman Kiss
Vancouver-based Bennett Taylor is trying to be as sexy and romantic as possible as he evokes a big kissing scene from the first Spider-Man movie to beg for one from his special lady. An upside down kiss that he promises is going to be a transformative for her as that movie kiss was for him when he saw it. Bennett is apparently more of a hip-hop performer, but he’s singing on this one. Don’t judge. Buy it here or stream it on Spotify.



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