What will be contents of the TWO Hobbit movies now in the works from producer Peter Jackson and director Guillermo del Toro? There is sure to be an unexpected party, and Smaug and Bard and barrels and all that, but what’s in that second movie? It’s purported to cover the 60 years between the end of THE HOBBIT and the start of FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, but what does that mean?!?!? Well, Jackson and del Toro just did a Q&A session with fans and did answer that question:

Guillermo del Toro: The idea is to find a compelling way to join THE HOBBIT and FELLOWSHIP and enhance the 5 films both visually an in their Cosmology. There’s omissions and material enough in the available, licensed material to attempt this. The agreement is, however, that the second film must be relevant and emotionally strong enough to be brought to life but that we must try and contain the HOBBIT in a single film.

Peter Jackson: I’m really looking forward to developing Film Two. It gives us a freedom that we haven’t really had on our Tolkien journey. Some of you may well say that’s a good thing of course! The Hobbit is interesting in how Tolkien created a feeling of dangerous events unfolding, which preoccupy Gandalf. There’s an awful lot of incident that happens during that 60 year gap. At this stage, we’re not imagining a film that literally covers 60 years, like a bio-pic or documentary. We would figure out what happens during that 60 years, and choose one short section of time to drop in and dramatise for the screen. I’m really interested in how it effects The Hobbit – do we show what happens to Gandalg during his trips away? We’ll see. We may well have seeds for Film Two that we’ll subtly sow during The Hobbit.

Dear lord, it really is going to be a movie about Gandalf wandering around talking to Radagast the Brown! Can you say…fanfic? Not that we’re not going to stand in line between now and 2012 to see it, but what a crazy idea!

[Link via Sean T. Collins.]

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  1. I think a logical climax would be the battle driving the Necromancer (Sauron) out of Mirkwood (which Radagast the Brown was involved in, by the way).

  2. I thought the Rings films were awful, but this sounds worse. Never trust anyone who wants to fill gaps in continuity.

  3. I thought that the extra bit would be the battle in Mirkwood too. And that’s a logical lead in I thought.

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