Team Flash lost Harrison “Nash” Wells in a horrifying yet heroic way in The Flash Season 7 Episode 1, “All’s Wells That Ends Well” when he donned the role of an organic receptor for the Artificial Speed Force’s fusion sphere. Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) return from their individual adventures on hearing the news. “He was the most brilliant mind I ever met. They all were,” Barry Allen/The Flash shares at Nash’s memorial inside S.T.A.R. Labs.

Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon in The Flash S7E2, “Speed of Thought”; Photo: The CW

“Whatever the problem, you could count on a Wells, a council of them, to have the answers. Now, they’re all gone. We gotta find the answers ourselves.” That’s absolutely true. Eva McCulloch is still at large, now with the knowledge that she’s actually the mirror duplicate and that her real self died the night the particle accelerator exploded. With Chester gone to meet his grandmother, Cisco and Barry begin brainstorming ways to open a portal to the Mirrorverse, and while doing so, Barry seems to be predicting Cisco’s ideas before he even mouths the words: he’s gained superspeed thinking from the ASF! Good news is his logical reasoning has enhanced infinitely, bad news is it’s dampening his emotional response. This means he’s now able to process every possible decision even before taking them, like a quantum computer. He’s even faster than Gideon!

Cisco finding out Barry’s speed thinking abilities in The Flash S7E2, “Speed of Thought”; Photo: The CW

This wasn’t a mistake though. The Team used Nora Allen-West’s journal which contained notes directly from Eobard Thawne, the mastermind behind the Negative Speed Force. Thawne channeled his negative emotions to become a speedster, and the Team knowing this tweaked the ASF to avoid any emotional bondage with Barry.

Inside the Mirrorverse, Iris Allen-West sends out a homing signal to Kamilla Hwang and Chief David Singh with a rendezvous at S.T.A.R. Labs. The three of them meet where the ASF is currently stationed in the real world but the Chief suffers a convulsion and collapses before saying anything. Kamilla suffers the same and Iris immediately realizes the reason, she was the only one who got pulled into the Mirrorverse while they got shot by a mirror gun.

Iris West-Allen and Kamilla Hwang in The Flash S7E2, “Speed of Thought”; Photo: The CW

In the real world, Barry finds out he can either save Iris or, Kamilla and David together based on his probability calculations. He also plays out the debate between him the rest of the gang to find out solutions and it all ends with them voting. Instead of carrying out the actual debate, he decides to save Iris as he believes she might have more information about Eva compared to Kamilla and David and not because she’s his wife! But before he opens the portal, Caitlin, Cisco and Allegra learn of his plans and entrap him. Killer Frost takes in a dose of Velocity-X and attacks The Flash as they both run through Central City. The Flash brings down all three of them in this brief hit-and-miss and moves on to open the portal to the Mirrorverse.

Cisco warning Barry about his portal plans in The Flash S7E2, “Speed of Thought”; Photo: The CW

Conveniently, Iris is waiting on the other end with an unconscious Kamilla and David. At first, she looks surprised and overwhelmed to see Barry on the other side but when she realizes Barry has no plans of saving Kamilla and David, she resists his pull into the real world. It looks like Iris gained some kind of mind-related superpower after spending a lot of time inside the Mirrorverse. She eventually gets pulled into the real world but enters the same convulsion-like phase like Kamilla and David, after which Barry strikes the ASF with lightning and returns to his normal self.

With the entire Team Flash down, Barry is left helpless and heartbroken. But towards the ending of “Speed of Thought,” we see a flashback of the original Earth-1 Harrison Wells’ car crash where Eobard Thawne transforms into Wells and buries his remains in a grave nearby. When Barry destroyed the ASF, the multiversal particles leave the sphere and reintegrate with Wells’ remains inside that grave.

A resurrected Harrison Wells The Flash S7E2, “Speed of Thought”; Photo: The CW

Wells is back! But is this a dependable Wells? How did this happen? And what is going to happen to Kamilla and David, and the rest of Team Flash? We’ll find out next week!

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