The Flash may have fallen flat on his face at the box office, but that’s not stopping the scarlet speedster from speeding into a new medium: audio dramas. DC and Warner Brothers Entertainment yesterday announced The Flash: Escape the Midnight Circus, a new scripted podcast series that will launch on Apple Podcasts next month. The series stars Max Greenfield as Barry Allen/The Flash, and follows him as he once again meddles with the timestream and gets sent to an alternate timeline.

Along with the announcement comes a trailer. Give it a listen:

Here’s how DC describes The Flash: Escape the Midnight Circus:

Barry Allen is at the height of his powers and fame, firmly ensconced as Central City’s favorite hero – but when being The Flash forces him to let Iris down one time too many, she decides to call it quits. Undeterred, Barry figures he can use the speed force to go back in time and set things right. But something goes wrong, Barry tumbles into a new dimension, finding himself in a small bedroom with Captain Cold, his powers gone. Cold tells Barry that he’s an unwitting participant in a televised tournament, THE MIDNIGHT CIRCUS, which pits humans, superheroes and rogues against one another in life-or-death games of chance. Survive the competition and Barry earns his freedom, recreate the conditions of his original transformation, and return to his own timeline. But to do so, he’ll have to rely solely on his wits.  And if that wasn’t hard enough, he soon finds himself facing his toughest opponent yet: Iris West.

Barry, this is a wildly irresponsible use of your time travel powers. Will someone talk to this guy? Please?

Max Greenfield is currently one of the stars of the CBS sitcom The Neighborhood, which has run for 105 episodes despite no one having ever actually seen a single one of them. He’s best known and beloved for his role as Schmidt on New Girl. Greenfield is the second New Girl alum to voice a superhero, following Jake Johnson‘s turn as Peter B. Parker in the Spider-Verse films. No other members of the podcast’s voice cast have been revealed, though Hannah Simone as Iris would be an inspired bit of stunt-casting.

Greenfield as Schmidt, not Captain America

The new podcast is also not Greenfield’s first foray into voice acting. The actor has previously made appearances on cartoons like Bob’s Burgers, Bojack Horseman, and Tuca & Bertie, among others.

The Flash: Escape the Midnight Circus is set to drop its first episode via Apple Podcasts on Monday, July 10th.