Last night, FOX aired the first trailer for the Bryan Singer produced, along with showrunner Matt Nix, X-Men television spin-off The Gifted.

The new series, which Singer also directed the pilot of, centers on two parents (played by Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker) who have to take their children on the run from the Government, after they discover said progeny have mutant abilities.

This first trailer isn’t especially promising as, from first appearances alone, this just utilizes Singer’s go-to X-Men tropes that he’s been pulling from since 2000. Perhaps there’ll be more under the surface here, but it’s hard to get excited about a ride we’ve taken one too many times.

Or maybe Legion has just spoiled me for anything closer to the mean. After that, Logan, and even Deadpool, some new and more exciting directions have been recently paved for this franchise and any reversion feels like a step-back. But, I’m glad to see Amy Acker front and center! A terribly underutilized performer that I hope gets a lot to chew on here.

The Gifted debuts this Fall.


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