By Todd Allen

On the off chance you’ve been living under a rock, Ridley Scott is directing a science fiction film called “Prometheus.”  The official story is they started out to do a prequel to Alien and sometime in the pre-production process, the story grew into something different than Alien.  There’s a new trailer out (and there is an element or two here that you might consider a plot spoiler, so be warned):

The more of this I see, the more it looks like an Alien prequel.  The sets look like Alien.  The effects look like Alien.  The spoilers in that trailer look like Alien.

Personally, I consider all that a good thing.  And it appears I’m not the only one out there who’s eager for Ridley Scott to have another go with the franchise.

Possibly I’m reading a bit much into the trailer here, but I’m looking at it and thinking the following might have happened during pre-production.  Scott, or someone else involved with scoping out the plot, stepped back and thought “What if the Alien wasn’t just a parasite/predator?  What if it were part of a larger scheme?”  And when they scoped out that larger scheme, it just didn’t quite with how the franchise had executed on down the road of sequels.

Either way, while there may be spoiler problems, this still looks like grade A material.