Press releases, we get press releases. By the bushel. And a lot of times we just skim. But then, sometimes, some thing catches our eye.

Look, this could have been anyone. Us, even.

But, I guess this means that Archie isn’t marrying Betty OR Veronica, but POISON IVY, right? And a garden weasel is gonna be the best man! That is, if the wedding is broken up when ORTHO MAN attacks! One things for sure, Archie is going to need to wear knee pads!

Do you think that after he’s married, Archie is going to go on the trowel for other girls?

Okay…that’s all I got. Sorry.


  1. Of course a weeding is required; that’s a lot of flowers and bushes out there, after all!

    Unless Jughead’s the one concerned about “weed”…

  2. I think we learned from Kurtzman & Elder’s Starchie, that these boys are capable of anything! Sure, they “Eddie Haskell” their ways through life,…but, look at their eyes,…they’re obviously high as kites.

  3. One is reminded of the wedding of Joannie Caucus and Rick Redfern in Doonesbury.

    And that cover image… why is part two “The Proposal”? Should be “The Wedding”, according to Diamond Previews. (Nice how all the bridesmaids are brunette, except Betty…)

    (And what denomination or religion is the preacher?)

  4. Torsten: Joanie & Rick’s wedding is one of my all-time fave Doonesbury story arcs. “This is great! We should’ve done it sooner.” “Good enough.”

    This is a pretty nifty Archie publicity stunt, but really: married to Veronica Lodge? That can only mean that the ceremony isn’t going to happen somehow. The love triangle is the whole thing.

  5. Eva… I’ll keep reminding people what I saw at NYCC…
    600 – 602 = imaginary story set in future, Archie marries Veronica
    603 – 605 = imaginary story set in future, Archie marries Betty

    That’s right… Archie marries Betty AND Veronica.
    (Hmmm… as anyone written a parody where Betty and Veronica wise up and date each other?)