You figured Dark Horse was going to have some serious discounting on Conan before Marvel took possession of the license.  Well, the digital portion of that has started.

Let’s break this down by series.

You’ve got the Dark Horse Conan regular series, which starts out with a Kurt Busiek/Cary Nord run that surprised a lot of folks when it debuted.  $3.99 for the Omnibus versions is a value buy and the way to go here.  You get Tim Truman and Brian Wood after Busiek’s run.

There’s the Dark Horse King Conan run by Truman and Giorello.

Chronicles of Conan is what they were calling the extensive reprint series of Marvel’s original Conan the Barbarian series.  They have *25* volumes listed at $3.99 each, which will take you into the Jim Owsley (Priest) run.  A hugely influential series, particularly the Roy Thomas /Barry Windsor/John Buscema run which is V. 1-14.

Chronicles of King Conan is what they call the original Marvel run of King Conan / Conan the King.  V. 3-6 have some early Marc Silvestri art, if you’d forgotten he worked on the title.

Finally, The Savage Sword of Conan is just what it sounds like: a reprinting of the Marvel magazine.  This is another value buy, as they’re phone book-sized volumes, similar to the old Marvel Essentials format for $3.99.



  1. Dark Horse did a terrific job with Conan. Busiek’s run was particularly superb. Will Marvel put the same care into the franchise? I doubt it.

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