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Librarians and educators have become some of the strongest proponents for graphic novels as teaching tools and good reading; the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has just announced Comics Connector, a resource that will help institutions find comics creators who are willing to make appearances.
While it sounds a bit like Tinder for library visits, lets face it, Tiner for library visits is a great idea. If you check out the page you’ll find a variety of professionals, grouped by geographical area, and their areas of expertise.
More details below:
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund continues the celebration of Children’s Book Week by launching its newest resource – the Comics Connector! CBLDF’s Comics Connector is a directory resource that connects educators and librarians with creators, editors and other comics professionals who are able to provide classroom or library visits. More than 50 comics professionals in 12 states and one Canadian province have signed up with the Comics Connector so far, and more will be added each week. Educators can view participating creators and creators can sign up for this free resource by visiting http://cbldf.org/resources/comics-connector/ 
CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein says, “At CBLDF, we believe that the best way to fight censorship is to increase understanding. It has led us to create proactive resources that increase the appreciation of comics and their value. With more communities making a place for comics in schools and libraries every year, it was natural for us to begin to build this resource. Our goal is to benefit the readers we all serve by helping foster greater interaction among the educators and librarians who are using comics and the talented people who make them.”
Comics Connector is the latest in a series of resources and publications CBLDF creates to serve educators and librarians.  This week, CBLDF.org is spotlighting those resources in observance of Children’s Book Week.  These tools include:
Efforts like these are made possible by the contributions of CBLDF donors.  This week, the Fund has launched Spring Into Action, a membership drive spanning the month of May, which rewards contributors with special incentives as a thank you for their support.  Individuals can also support the Fund and receive more than 20 top children’s graphic novels by purchasing the Humble Kids Comics Bundle, which is available until May 13.



  1. It’s great to see this idea finally coming together. Over past decade I’ve had many conversations with librarians and educators who are looking for any creative types to come speak to their class or group. Often times they are totally unaware the existence of the talent right in their very town or city.

    If you are a comics person this is something you can definitely benefit from..and the teachers/librarians do as well!

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