The Black Ghost, the Comixology Originals series by Monica GallagherAlex Segura, George Kambadais, Marco FinneganEllie Wright, and Taylor Esposito, is getting a print collection from Dark Horse Comics later this year. Now Dark Horse and Comixology are offering a direct market-exclusive bookplate for the collection, featuring artwork by Francesco Francavilla.

The Black Ghost Bookplate

The bookplate will be available as an incentive to retailers who order five or more copies of The Black Ghost Volume 1, who will receive a bookplate for each book they order (up to 20 copies/bookplates). In addition to the Francavilla artwork, the bookplate will also be signed by writers Gallagher and Segura.

Originally released via Comixology Originals back in March, The Black Ghost: Hard Revolution follows reporter Lara Dominguez as she attempts to uncover the secret identity of a vigilante known as the Black Ghost. Co-writer Segura describes the series as “a story of overcoming your personal demons to achieve something you never expected.” He continues:

“Lara Dominguez is a flawed and relatable protagonist that we can all root for as she discovers her heroic legacy. Crafting this story with this amazing team, and seeing it first digitally via comiXology Originals and now in print with Dark Horse Comics, has been a true dream come true.”   

Check out the full text of the announcement for the exclusive bookplate from Dark Horse and Comixology below. Preorders for the print collection are open until next Monday, February 8th. The Black Ghost Volume 1 arrives in bookstores on Tuesday, May 4th, and in comic shops on Wednesday, May 5th.

February 1, 2021 – New York, NY / Portland, OR – For incentive: buy 5 copies of The Black Ghost Volume 1 by FOC (Final Order Cutoff February 8, 2021) and receive 5 free bookplates (max of 20 per store) with artwork designed by Francesco Francavilla and signed by The Black Ghost co-writers/co-creators Alex Segura and Monica Gallagher.

Arriving in print for the first time this May, The Black Ghost Volume 1 [136 pages / color / on sale May 4 in bookstores and everywhere books are sold and May 5 in comic shops / MSRP $19.99/$25.99 pbk / ISBN: 978-1-50672-446-1] collects issues #1-5 of the fast-paced crime series co-written by Anthony Award-Nominated novelist Alex Segura and acclaimed writer Monica Gallagher. The book features art by George Kambadais, colors by Ellie Wright, lettering by Taylor Esposito and edits by Greg Lockard.

The Black Ghost is a modern take on the urban vigilante story. Lara Dominguez is a journalist chasing that one, big story. After a stint in the Middle East, the alcoholic reporter moves from her hometown of Miami to Creighton – a mid-Atlantic city that’s seen better days. She needs a huge, viral scoop that’ll send her into the journalistic stratosphere. Her target? Uncovering the identity of The Black Ghost – a masked vigilante trying to take down the wealthy oligarchs carving up the fading metropolis. But as she searches for the breakthrough story she desperately needs, Lara will have to navigate the corruption of her adopted city, the uncertainties of virtue, and her own personal demons.