The Batman reveals more of its plot and action with a new Bat and Cat trailer. As the title suggests, we see the trailer feature Batman and Catwoman teaming up, along with more action sequences of Batman taking down the bad guys, plus more glimpses at the Riddler and what his motives are as the main villain of the film.

The trailer reveals that while Bruce (Robert Pattinson) has been hard at work fighting the criminal underworld in Gotham, he seems to be neglecting his post as a philanthropist to the people of Gotham as a Wayne. It’s already been previously revealed that The Batman takes place during Batman’s second year of crime-fighting, and he is on a rampage. However, this trailer is as much about Bruce Wayne’s past as it is about Batman’s present.

The Riddler (Paul Dano) is coming after Batman but he also seems to be targeting Bruce Wayne. The trailer gives us a little more insight on Dano’s Edward Nashton, who seems to be as mildly unintelligible as Tom Hardy‘s Bane was when he was first revealed in trailers. Still, Dano makes an aptly menacing villain from a puzzle master character. Since Riddler prides himself on being able to solve any puzzle, it only makes sense that he would be the one to know the Batman’s true identity, as is revealed in the trailer.

The main spotlight of the trailer is Batman’s team-up with Catwoman/Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz). While it seems like Bruce is unsure of his relationship with Catwoman, the two seem comfortable enough to jump from fighting to flirting, in classic Batman tradition. But it looks like Selina is fighting on Bruce’s side, who we see wielding a gun as a club more than a rifle. Will Selina figure out Bruce’s identity? As one of the few characters in the comics who knows who the Batman is, Selina and Bruce have been dancing around each other since the day her character was introduced in the comics and it seems like that’s the case again here in The Batman.

Check out a few more screengrabs from the new trailer, as well as new images of both Batman and Catwoman featured on covers to the latest issue of Empire, below. The Batman comes to theaters March 4th, 2022.