As we approached the Baltimore Convention Center on the morning of September 9, 2006, a story of human bravery and endurance was about to unfold which would hold a nation spellbound. We salute these heroes.

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  1. Ah, you missed all the cool people hiding out in the back of the schoolhouse. Most of artist alley and the indy press got shuffled out the back door, and there was this really weird vibe going on there.
    In actuality, it was great and horrible at the same time. Great, because that whole catching up with friends and finding out who all made it was possible.
    Horrible, because the crowd was just on the brink of making it to the back of the hall when the alarm went off, so it took about another hour before anyone finally made it back to places like the Webcomic Hotness Pavilion.

  2. for the record, this happened once before that i know of at a mid ohio con… (this was probably 4 years back?) which complicated things even moreso as it was snowing.