Fans are aching for interaction between Valkyrie and Carol Danvers in the MCU and it’s easy to see why. Their real-life counterparts are super tight and it would be amazing to see their friendship on-screen. If you’ve missed the love shared between Tessa Thompson and Brie Larson, especially on social media, don’t worry. Thompson penned a touching essay about Larson’s work and impact for the 2019 TIME 100 list and it’s everything.

Brie Larson named a 2019 TIME 100 honoree
Photo: Amanda Demme/TIME Magazine.

“Brie Larson is a warrior on- and offscreen,” Thompson says of her friend and co-star. “When she’s not shattering records and stereotypes as Captain Marvel in Marvel Studios’ first female-led superhero movie—which has made more than $1 billion at the global box office—she’s fighting fiercely for gender equality, inclusivity and an end to sexual harassment in the workplace.”
Thompson refers to Larson’s work alongside her and other notable women of Hollywood in the Time’s Up movement, which seeks to eradicate sexual violence in the workplace and provide legal resources for victims of sexual harassment and assault. Larson has always been a fierce advocate for gender equality; in fact, she drew the ire of many when she insisted on including non-men in the press circuit for Captain Marvel.
“For Brie, it just comes naturally. Her activism is an extension of who she is,” Thompson explains in her essay for TIME. “She sits at a table and wants to make sure everyone has access to it. She is constantly investigating how to be a better ally. The first time I met her, she was taking a breather outside of an annual adult prom; the next time, she was hosting a conversation (complete with graphs and a PowerPoint presentation) about the lack of representation in film. She has a huge capacity for both joy and serious work.”
In conclusion, Thompson writes, “Brie is primed to be one of Marvel’s next big leaders at a time when women are breaking ceilings in all spaces. She is in a position to make real systemic change in Hollywood. I’m elated to see someone so pure of intention wield that power.”
The annual TIME 100 recognizes the efforts of 100 influential people from all over the world. The magazine typically runs tribute essays by people who know the honorees well. Thus, it makes sense that Thompson is singing Larson’s praises for this year’s list, given their friendship and their work together — on- and off-screen.

After TIME released the full list on Wednesday, Larson took to Twitter to say thanks. She wrote, “Thank you @Time and my dream girl @TessaThompson_x for this recognition.” In response, Thompson quote-tweeted Larson and said, “You are Dreamy @brielarson. Always inspired by you. An honor to sing your praises to the world.”

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