On Friday at PAX East, Telltale Games and Marvel’s head of games, Bill Rosemann gave attendees a few hints of what to expect in their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game.

The game will include a female character not yet seen outside of comic books who is relatively new to Marvel. Rosemann and Telltale’s, Job Stauffer, would not confirm who she is. Though if I had to bet, my money would be on Angela. The Neil Gaiman created heroine, who entered the Marvel comics universe in the finale of the Age of Ultron event.

Telltale also stated, “there will be characters who aren’t on the Guardians team in this story.” Maybe we get the Annihilators? Howard The Duck? Who knows when it comes to Telltale, they aren’t afraid to play in the deep end of the sandboxes belonging to others.

Recently, Telltale also announced the main voice cast for the game.  Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter will voice Star-Lord, actress Emily O’Brien (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor) will voice Gamora, Nathan Drake himself Nolan North will portray Rocket, Brandon Paul Eells (Watch Dogs) will voice Drax, and Adam Harrington (Sheriff Bigby Wolf in Wolf Among Us) will be doing the “I am Groot”.

Also, fans at next week’s SXSW festival will be able to attend premiere crowd play of episode one of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy series. March 17th at SXSW in Austin, TX, at the Paramount Theater, with doors opening at 6:30pm.