By Daniel Lodge

Teen Titans Go! Producers Aaron Horvath and Pete Michail, Tara Strong (Raven), Greg Cipes (Beast Boy), and Scott Menville (Robin) spoke at San Diego Comic Con about an upcoming epic 4-part episode “The Night Begins to Shine”, which includes cameos from musical artists Fall Out Boy and CeeLo Green. The 4-part episode features strong influences from animated sci-fi fantasy of the 1980’s such as Heavy Metal and is filled with several musical scores. “Most of our episodes have just one song but this one, there’s a lot of music going on in this one,” said Michail.

Tara Strong detailed how Fall Out Boy became involved with the project. “I met Pete Wentz on a plane, and he just tweeted that he was a big fan of the show. He was behind me and I said ‘Are you Pete?’ And He said ‘Oh Tara Strong!’ And we started talking and he invited me to his show that night. So I was back stage with Fall Out Boy, and his band are such adorkable nerds, they knew every show I was on and we were talking about maybe getting them on the show, and that’s actually how that happened!”

Michail said the band was excited to guest star. “They were super into it,” he said. “They probably had more fun than we did! Even after we did their designs and sent it to them there were no notes. They were just like: I love it!”

Michail said CeeLo was also great to work with. “He came in with his lady and his cute little dog, and the dog made it in the episode! He was adorable (CeeLO) had to sing a song A capella. I was like: is he going to do this? But he was down.”

The cast has additional guest stars on their wishlists. “Personally I would love if Eminem came on the show,” Greg Cipes added. “We’re lucky enough to have Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys do the remix of our songs.”

The Teen Titans 1980’s sci fi fantasy animated musical with Fall out Boy and Cee Lo Green, titled Night Begins to Shine, Part 1, debuts August 1st on Cartoon Network.