Poor Bluewater…bad timing.


UPDATE: Bluewater has released a statement:

The country is a lesser place with the passing of Senator Kennedy. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum we could all learn a great deal if we followed his passion for public service.
The timing of our announcement of a biography comic based on the life of Ted Kennedy was in no way tied to the Senator’s declining health and ultimate passing. When Bluewater planned out the first year of biographies, Kennedy’s name was always at the top of the list. In fact, this issue has been in production since March and was solicited to retail shops through our national distributor in June. We will, of course, pay final respects to this American icon by adding a page to the completed issue to close the last chapter of his remarkable life.
We mourn his passing with the rest of the nation.


  1. “The timing of our announcement of a biography comic based on the life of Ted Kennedy was in no way tied to the Senator’s declining health”

    Who could have predicted a man with brain cancer would die? They had no idea.

    Also, I have a great deal on a bridge in Brooklyn for you.

  2. Yeah, I don’t see how this is bad for Blue Water.

    As for their product line I support it.
    Perhaps if there were a flood of popstar / political autobio comics then I’d understand, but since they are the only ones filling the void then I say good for them. It’s not like they’re making yet another superhero book in an already superhero flooded market. So I give ’em a break.

  3. Alan Coil wrote: “Frakkin’s ghouls. Kiss my butt, Bilgewater.”

    Really? Don’t you think you’re being a bit melodramatic?

  4. Yeah, I don’t get all the *hate* for Blue Water, either.
    It’s fine to have an opinion, but normally name calling (especially without backing up one’s point) is uncalled for here on The Beat. Blue Water provides the industry (and beyond) with auto-bio material, they’ve reached mainstream news media and creates a bit of diversity in the market place. As I said, they’re filling a void that I don’t see anyone else doing, there’s nothing wrong with that. But again that’s just my opinion, hah!

  5. It’s hitting a new audience, and for that they deserve credit. The industry is always–always–looking for ways to broaden their readership. As Jimmie mentions, BW is filling that void. I just don’t get the name calling–The Beat is, in my opinion, one of the classier comic-centric sites, and it makes no sense for people to act like they’re on a frivolous message board that allows puerile comments.