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Just what it sounds like/ Looks like it was lovely.

More on the Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Mark Siegel/First Second
Rey Ortega
Jasmine C
Dayuse, who says there were “smells” but we don’t believe it!
Paul Rivoche
Danielle at BlogTO
Sequential has the good and more links
An excellent write-up of the Doug Wright Awards from CBC.ca via Sequential:

“What contradictions, what energy, what tension, what struggle, what humour, what characters!” said writer Judy MacDonald, speaking on behalf of the five-member Wright Award jury.


  1. I wish TCAF was an annual event since I couldn’t make it this year. However if holding it every two years will make it even better, I suppose I can live with that.

    It would be nice if it wasn’t in August though. Even if I’d had the time and money, I would have hesitated to go because I’ve lived in the sweaty hell that is TO in August and the prospect of spending the day in an old building with no AC is a big turn-off. It was pure luck that they got a coolish weekend, but from the reports it sounds like it was still hot inside. The 2005 TCAF was in June and that was perfect.

  2. The gods must’ve been smiling on TCAF this weekend ’cause the weather was just lovely. Chip Zdarsky looked pretty good too.

  3. Hi Maija. Yes, no humidity at all this past weekend (or today) here in Toronto. It’s even been breezy for the past week at nights. Had to keep my windows closed. Don’t remember it being hot inside on Saturday at least. The new location was greatly spaced out so it wasn’t a bunch of sweaty bodies stuffed in an inappropriately sized venue. That’ll come THIS weekend! :)

  4. if i remember correctly, it rained on the Sunday in 2005 of TCAF. that was not fun. the day before (Saturday) was perfect. indoors is the way to go. this year, the weather was ideal. even so, i did notice a couple of the rooms in Old Victoria College to be a bit stuffy.

  5. Yeah it rained a bit on Sunday in 2005, but only in a few brief bursts. That was a problem for the outdoor street festival part of it which only took place on Sunday and was not well attended by artists/vendors anyway (many checked the weather forecast that morning and just didn’t show). Now that there is no outdoor part (that is not under a tent) earlier in the summer/spring makes even more sense, at least comfort-wise. Of course it also depends on venue availability, but “Toronto in August” is almost as unappealing as “Regina in January”.

    I like T.O. in Juuuuuune, how about yoooooooou?

    (It’s also nice in late September/early October).

  6. I’ll agree that the weather was great for the weekend. I found it to be VERY comfortable in the building, especially considering it was in August. I’m surprised anybody is complaining at all. They honestly didn’t need any AC. The front door and the doorway to the tent were open during the con and that allowed some fresh air through the convention.

    If an artists table was by a window with the sun shining in most of the day I could see how that could be a problem. But for those walking around? The rooms were pretty small and I can’t see anybody being in one for more than 20 minutes unless they were engaged in a long conversation or were waiting in line. Exceptions being the panels.

    Honestly, it sounds like somebody wanting their bread buttered on both sides with a dash of caviar on top.

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